About the Network

Next Meeting: Thursday 4th February 6pm
Register to join: here

This website is currently under construction as we’re in the process of setting up the Network. To see when new information is added check back regularly or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

What Does The Network Do?
The aim of the network is provide a supportive community for all Black and POC artists & creatives in Norfolk, allowing participants to to meet others, collaborate, share resources and discuss what the community needs to grow and thrive. The network is being created by Sascha Goslin, a freelance Creative Producer based in Norwich, however it’s exact form will be shaped according to the desires and needs of the members. If there is something you would like to see happen as part of the network then please join the first meeting or send Sascha an email.

What is the plan for the network at the moment?
Sascha will spend the next couple of months establishing the network through regular meetings. She will also be building connections between the network members with local arts organisations in Norfolk and researching case studies to develop a report to help increase inclusion and representation locally.
Like anything, one individual can’t change things over night, but Sascha hopes that through working and advocating together as a network we can ensure Norfolk’s artistic programme becomes more inclusive and representative.

I want to join to network and meet with others, but I don’t want to take part in the case study, etc.
That’s fine! The case study is completely optional. All members will be invited to take part, but you won’t have to. If you want to take part but are worried about having to take out some of your day for the case study interview then we have some funds reserved to pay freelance/self-employed/etc participants.

Who can join the network?
The network is open to all Black and POC creatives and artists who live or work in Norfolk.

I’ve joined the Network but want to leave. How do I do that?
Just send Sascha a quick email to let her know you want leave and she’ll make sure your details are removed from the Members Mailing List. If you decide to rejoin get in touch any time.

The Network is being set up up as part of a Creative Individuals Norfolk project supported by Norfolk & Norwich Festival.