Yarmouth Springs Eternal – Conference Exhibition Artist

The Network is pleased to offer this wonderful opportunity to from Genevieve Rudd, to work as part of a wonderful Creative Individuals Norfolk project.
You can learn more about Genevieve and follow the project here:

Information about the Project Assistant role is here.
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Yarmouth Springs Eternal is a community arts, nature and walking project, led by artist Genevieve Rudd in partnership with originalprojects; in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. The project will run from the Spring Equinox to the Summer Solstice in 2021. It will include a series of artist-led community walks/workshops, a public exhibition, two public walks/ workshops, a one-day conference, and an arts and nature resource pack.

The overall ethos of Yarmouth Springs Eternal project is about connecting with nature and seasons, even in ‘overlooked’ spaces; the importance of this relationship on our wellbeing, the feeling of wholeness and the “awe” of being part of something bigger. The project has grown out of the Spring 2020 lockdown experience. It’s also underpinned by the inequality of access to green space in the UK.

Yarmouth Springs Eternal is funded by Norfolk & Norwich Festival, Arts Council England, East Anglia Art Fund, Norfolk County Council, and Better Together Norfolk.

a) Exhibition:
The Yarmouth Springs Eternal exhibition will open from Saturday 1st May (May Day) to Sunday 20th June (Summer Solstice). The exhibition, along with all other project events, will take place at Primeyarc, Market Gates Shopping Centre, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

The exhibition will showcase the Yarmouth Springs Eternal workshop outcomes plus 5 other artists or arts groups exploring the natural world, including:Company Drinks: “Company Drinks is a community space and social enterprise based in Barking and Dagenham, where we make drinks with and for each other. Company Drinks started out in 2014 to bring people back together through the act of picking and reconnecting with local green spaces and nearby countryside” / website: http://companydrinks.info/

Jacques Nimki: “Jacques Nimki’s artistic practice involves him in collecting, drawing, and pressing plants. For previous work he has catalogued specimens that have taken hold in neglected, hidden or untrammelled areas of the urban landscape” / Currently on show at Firstsite ‘My Name is not Refugee’ exhibition: https://firstsite.uk/event/my-name-is-not-refugee-exhibition/

James Aldridge: Queer River project: “Queer River was initiated by James in 2020 as a way of exploring the relationship between LGBT+ people’s experiences of rivers, Queer perspectives on Climate Justice, The impact of the climate and ecological crisis on river ecosystems and communities, and River restoration and Rewilding” / website: https://queerriver.com/

Jason Evans: Garden Gate project: “Welsh photographer Jason Evans lives in nearby Ramsgate and has been working with The Garden Gate Project for the past two years, offering his photography skills which boast a history of exhibitions at the town’s Turner contemporary site, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Tate Britain and MoMa in New York too” / website: https://www.thegardengateproject.co.uk/

b) Conference:
A conference will take place on Saturday 29th May during the exhibition programme. The day will include presentations from the exhibition artists about their work and relationship with nature, and an audience Q&A. Part of the day will also include time to explore establishing a network of people with an interest in arts and the environment.

PLEASE NOTE – delivery may change around COVID-19 restrictions

Required skills or experience:
The Exhibition/Conference artist will have a complete or in-progress art project to display at the Exhibition which compliments the theme. They will be available to actively take part in presentations and conversations during the Conference day.

Their work might explore themes such as (but not limited to):

  • Environmentally-sustainable practice / Eco, recycled or ethical materials
  • Documenting plants, birds, insects or wildlife species or habitats, or biodiversity
  • Exploring climate (in)justice or inequalities
  • Land art, ephemeral or temporary art in the landscape

The total fee for the Exhibition/Conference artist is £500. This is inclusive of travel but there is an additional budget for the transportation of artworks, if required.
This is a freelance role, therefore the freelancer is responsible for registering with the HMRC and for paying their own tax/National Insurance contributions.

To apply:
To apply, please submit a written proposal (up to 300 words) or a video proposal (maximum 3 minutes) and a copy of your CV by email to: hello@genevieverudd.com.

Please outline in your application the artwork or project you wish to show in the Exhibition/ Conference, experience of similar projects or events, and how your artwork connects with the overall Yarmouth Springs Eternal theme. Please also confirm your availability for the dates outlined in the role description.

Application deadline: Friday 5th February 2021 at 5pm
Interviews (via Zoom): w/c 8th February – 15th February
Confirm inclusion in Exhibition/Conference programme: w/c 22nd February